Agario How-to

How to Get Big Quick in Agario

By On January 23, 2016

Getting to the top of the Agario leaderboard is tough! It requires a mixture of lock, but most importantly skill. Below are some tips and tricks to help you improve your Agario… Read More

Agario Skins

New Veteran Skins

By On January 17, 2016

Great news skin fans, Agario has been updated with new Veteran skins! You can unlock veteran skins by levelling up in All new skins have been listed below along with the… Read More

play agario with friends
Agario How-to

How to play Agario with friends

By On January 17, 2016

Want to know how to play Agario with friends? Well, you’ve got two options. The easiest option is to play a new game mode created specifically for players looking to team up. The… Read More

Agario Mods

Agario Mods – How to install Mods

By On December 20, 2015

Ready to install and use Agario Mods? Before proceeding, please note that the guide below is for the desktop (web browser) version of Agario. At the time of writing, there are not… Read More

Agario Basics


By On December 4, 2015

Splitting—along with ejecting—is one of the two basic player-controls in Agario. Splitting your cell is a mechanic that can be used both offensively and defensively in a game of How splitting… Read More

agario viruses
Agario Basics


By On December 2, 2015

A virus is non-player cell, containing 100 mass, that appears randomly throughout the Agario map. A virus is physically distinctive from mass or player cells by their lime green colouring and ribbed… Read More

Agario Basics


By On December 1, 2015

The term ‘cell’ is used to refer to the circle of mass that you control in Agario. Cells eat food pellets and smaller cells to grow in size. This page outlines the… Read More